Hungry Grandma Scrounges For Leftovers — But This Kind Waitress Stops Her.

An older woman sits at a restauraunt table looking distraught as a waitress takes away the food sat out in front of her.

We can never know for sure how we’ll react in certain situations until we’re in them. Take for example the waitress in this video on Facebook, which has over 6 million views. At the start, we see security camera footage of a few patrons sitting at tables. Everyone appears to have food or drinks… except for an older lady who is sitting alone.

As soon as a nearby man finishes his meal and leaves, the woman is quick to make her way to his table —at this point, it’s clear that she was hoping to get a few bites of someone else’s leftovers, assumingly because she couldn’t afford to buy food herself. But before she can get started, the waitress swoops in and clears the table, leaving her with nothing.

The older woman becomes visibly distraught, though she doesn’t protest. Their interaction could have ended there but, instead, the waitress comes back with fresh food that is assumed to be coming out of her own pocket. The waitress even stops her when she tries to take out her wallet to pay. Grateful, the elderly lady hugs the waitress.

Although it appears that this video was staged, the message it shares still rings true: One small act of kindness can change not only someone’s day but their life.

Watch this heartwarming moment in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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