Hugs For Everyone! Little Boy Melts Hearts As He Stops To Embrace Stray Dogs.

a two photo collage. the first shows a little boy named ibrahim kneeling down next to two large, stray dogs. one dog is sitting up and is behind ibrahim. the other is laying on the ground in front of him. ibrahim is petting them both. the second shows that same little boy. ibrahim is standing on the other side of the sitting dog. ibrahim is giving him a hug.

It was a typical morning for Ibrahim as he walked through the city of Grozny, Chechnya to get to school, but then he spotted them: Two large, stray dogs that were warming themselves in a sunny spot.


Ibrahim could have kept going, but the little boy decided that it was important to give these sweet pups the love and attention they deserve. He didn’t think anyone was around to notice or care, but little did he know that someone in a building nearby did. Moved by his small act of kindness, they captured the moment on camera and shared it online.

Now, the video has over 500,000 views and has sparked tons of conversations about dogs and the ways we teach children to view and treat them, especially those that are large.

One moment that seems to have especially struck a chord with people is when Ibrahim first leaves the pups after hugging them. It looks as though he’s ready to go about his day but, at the last second, he can’t bear to leave just yet. He walks back over to them for one last hug, something that we’re sure made each of their days better.

Watch their heartwarming interaction below and don’t forget to share.

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