“How Walter The Cat Stole Christmas.” Kitty Decides To Redecorate In The Middle Of The Night.

Walter the orange and white cat walks away from a living room with a Christmas garland in his mouth that has green and red pom-poms.

There’s no shortage of Christmas traditions to choose from — there’s putting up decorations, making hot chocolate, and watching festive movies, to name a few. Then there’s Walter the cat, who chooses to continue a Christmas tradition that is very unique to him and his interests. Unfortunately for his human mom, his fun directly contradicts her own.


When the Christmas season rolls around, for Walter’s human mom, it’s a time to make the house festive with lots of decorations. Walter, on the other hand, makes it his mission to move the living room decorations upstairs.

Black and white image from a blink camera. Walter the cat carries a string of lights in his mouth as he moves them from the living room and heads to the stairs.

Don’t underestimate Walter the cat: He’s quite clever in his methods of thievery. Every year, he waits until his mom is asleep before he transforms into a four-legged Grinch — that being said, it seems he got bolder this year, venturing out a bit during the day.

Still, he never considers that there are camera catching his every move. Oh, and the possibility that his Mom will notice the decorations are gone — an otherwise flawless plan.

Walter the Cat Steals Christmas

Walter is a cat, but he manages to sneak away with quite a lot, including strings of lights, garland, stockings, and ribbons. Luckily, his shenanigans are more adorable than frustrating. See for yourself in the video below that showcases his heist from last year.

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“How Walter the cat stole Christmas,” one comment reads on a video capturing Walter’s thievery.

While some compare Walter to the Grinch, others defend him, saying he’s simply doing his job and deserves some respect.

“Good job Walter!!” one person says. “Working third shift is never easy.”

“Well he was busy wasn’t he?” another playfully argues. “He even saw the sun come up and [is] still working. Walter deserves a raise.”

Watch Walter the cat attempt to steal Christmas this year in the adorable video below.

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