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“How Can I Make Them Laugh?” Guest Conductor Sleighs Audience With Hilarious Moves.

Man in a kilt conducting an orchestra in a silly way.

Tim Schulteis is not a real conductor, but he is a born showman!

Tim, who is now a teacher, was once a Broadway dancer. Maybe that’s why he chose to wear a black kilt and bare legs during his recent appearance with the Chelsea Symphony. After winning a raffle as an audience member, Tim soon became the guest conductor for a holiday concert. And he took full advantage of this opportunity to strut his stuff.

“It was like a Carol Burnett episode,” Tim said. “I was like, ‘How can I make them laugh?'”

While Tim may not be the most skilled conductor – orchestra members actually played the song from memory – he is undoubtedly the most entertaining one to come along since… well, forever! It’s not every day that humor gets injected into classical performances like these.

“Tim was totally uninhibited,” said Matthew Aubin, artistic director of Chelsea Symphony. “He was totally the music. I actually had to look away from him a lot because he was making me laugh. My favorite move of his was when he put the baton in the air and kind of twirled it around like a lasso.”

We think that Tim’s rhythmic head roll is another close contender for his best dance move – and what about those swinging hips?

Watch Tim’s comedic performance in the video below, and share with a friend.

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