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How A Teen And The Song “Stayin’ Alive” Helped This Toddler Stay Alive… Literally.

savennah sharing her experience on the news

When Savennah Mendes-Rodrigues saw an unresponsive 2 year old laying in the kitchen, she didn’t think about what to do – she just jumped straight into action.

The toddler was rescued by his family after he had fallen into his backyard swimming pool in Abington, Massachusetts. The boy was unresponsive when he got rescued, and this prompted the family to scream for help as they waited on the ambulance to arrive.

closeup of savennah mendes-rodrigues talking as she stands outside and in front of a fence.

That’s when 19-year-old Savennah rushed to the family’s house and put her CPR skills to the test. She started by doing chest compressions, and she performed them exactly how they were taught to her: to the beat of the Bee Gees’ famous hit “Stayin’ Alive.”

“Halfway through, I’m just thinking, ‘Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive’ to make sure I’m keeping up with the beat,” said Savennah. “Because he’s so small, so you have to be really gentle with a kid.”

Thankfully, the paramedics arrived quickly and were able to take over. They said it is very possible, however, that the 2-year-old wouldn’t have made it had it not been for Savennah’s heroic actions.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything,” Savennah said. “I was just kind of like in the moment, like ‘Oh my gosh,’ and afterward, I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh I think I did just save him.'”

Wow! This experience just shows the importance of a CPR certification – we never know when it might come in handy. Savennah, you are a true hero. Thank you for your life-saving actions!

Watch Savennah share her experience in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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