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How A Single Tweet Filled An Actor’s Audience And Lifted Her Spirits.

tweet about disappointing turnout at performance

It’s not easy to follow your dreams. Sometimes you reach heights of incredible success, but sometimes your hard work seems to go unnoticed.

Actor Georgie Grier has seen highs and lows in the span of two days!

Her one-woman show opened at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and on August 3, she had only a single person in the audience. She took to Twitter to grieve this disappointment, sharing a teary-eyed photo and a vulnerable caption.

She had suffered the same disappointment the year prior, sharing a tweet that only her parents were in the audience one night of her performances. With two years of disheartening turnout, Georgie had no expectations of anything other than support from other Fringe actors experiencing the same hardship.

Then the tweet went viral.

The content resonated globally, and actors and performers from around the world began to respond, sharing their own personal reflections on disappointment.

Strangers and icons alike began to respond with encouragement.

Actors Ben Stiller and Vincent D’Onofrio emphasized advice on showing up, despite challenges.

Comedian Dara Ó Briain shared that he endured similar experiences. He offered fantastic perspective on the incident, suggesting that any stage time is helpful and important to a career’s development.

Gaining thousands of likes and replies, the virality of the tweet produced an exciting result: a sold-out show the very next day.

Georgie’s one-woman show is open until the end of August, and she’s sure to attack it with a newfound pep in her step. With her head held high, she’s going to finish out the run, encouraged by the Twitter community’s kindness.

Georgie’s story is a testament to the nature of pursuing one’s dreams. The roads to success require grit, perseverance, and community support. But sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is just one day away.

The featured image for this post is from Twitter.

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