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Lone Grandma Begins To Dance Macarena In Middle Of Hospice Cafeteria, Delights Friends With Surprise Flashmob.

A facility in Dublin called Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services specializes in caring for people with “a range of needs including rheumatology, care of the older person and end-of-life care.” Even though that is surely demanding work, it seems– from the video below– that the folks at Our Lady aren’t always strictly business.

In celebration of “Positive Aging Week” last week, 10 medical professionals and 24 patients teamed up to surprise friends, family, and the rest of the staff and patients with an awesome surprise: a meal-time flash mob!

The video starts out capturing a typical scene in the cafeteria; people are eating, having conversation waiting in line… Nothing special. But then, the music comes on.

At first, it appears only one nurse and one elderly woman are going to dance, but slowly the flash mob grows!

The group dances to “Macarena,” that Spanish dance song by Los del Río made popular in the 90’s. You know the one, and you probably/definitely know the dance, too!

The patients– all over age 65– spent a month practicing the macarena in preparation for the big day! Check out their musical surprise below!

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