“Honestly, I Didn’t Believe It.” It’s Not Every Day Cops Rescue An Animal As Majestic As This!

Police officers tend to get all types of calls, but it’s not everyday that they’re told to rescue an injured bald eagle.

But that’s exactly what happened in the small town of Fredonia, Wisconsin just a few weeks ago. Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Zilke received the call and, understandably, was flabbergasted.

a woman named kristen bustamante from pine view wildlife rehabilitation center slowly approaching an injured bald eagle who is laying in the middle of a field in wisconsin

"I got a call from dispatch saying that there was a bald eagle injured on the side of the road," Mike said. "Honestly, I didn't believe it at first. We get sent to injured animals a lot. People have a tendency to make mistakes or exaggerate. So, I figured it would be a hawk or a turkey or something."

The Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center had originally instructed officers to throw a blanket over the bald eagle and to put to her in their car, but once Mike saw the creature in person, he decided it’d be best for the professionals to take over.

a woman named kristen bustamante from pine view wildlife rehabilitation center holding onto an injured bald eagle as a man stands nearby and reaches for the bird's leg

"My job at that point was to make sure the eagle stayed out of traffic," Mike said. "I didn't feel like chasing it. So, I called my friends at Pine View back, and I said, 'I'm going to need some help out here.'"

Once Kristen Bustamante arrived, the bald eagle was quickly but carefully transported to the wildlife rehabilitation center to receive care. From what they can tell, the majestic bird might have accidentally gotten hit by a car.

closeup of a woman named kristen bustamante from pine view wildlife rehabilitation center holding an injured bald eagle

In any case, the poor thing sustained a dislocated shoulder, something that can be especially detrimental to birds, who don’t have the same kind of ball and socket joints that humans have.

Still, despite her injuries, the center is happy to report that the eagle's resting comfortably and eating well!

a woman from pine view wildlife rehabilitation center speaking to a man as kristen bustamante, who is also from the center, holds onto an injured bald eagle they're rescuing

"We hear our new feathered friend is making a great recovery!" the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "Thank you to We Energies for reporting the injured eagle to us and thank you to the staff of Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!"

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