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Homecoming Queen Gives Crown To Her Best Friend After Bullies Pull A Vicious Prank On Her. This Is The Definition Of True Friendship.

anahi naomi and lilly best friends give their friend the homecoming queen title

High school is a place of personal growth and fun with friends. It’s a time where there’s not much to worry about other than getting good grades, going to the school dances, and learning to drive. Unfortunately, bullying comes into the mix of that joy more often than anyone would like to admit, and ruins the whole experience for far too many kids.

In Grand Prairie, Texas, student Lillian Skinner was pranked by a group of mean girls at her school, who told her that she had been nominated for homecoming court. Luckily, Lilly’s best friends, and homecoming court nominees, Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez, had a different plan in mind.

lillian skinner grand prairie
Image via Youtube

Lilly learned early on from her mother to look for the beauty inside of people; to make judgements based on what’s in their heart, their intentions, and their actions…not by what’s on the surface. This young girl has an awesomely beautiful philosophy on life and how to treat others.

Naomi and Anahi have loved Lilly since they all first met in their 7th grade choir. Both describe Lilly as the sweetest girl they know, always putting a smile on everyone’s face with her kindness and extraordinary presence. With a bright spirit and a pure heart, the girls believe the world needs more people like Lilly.

best friends
Image via Daily Mail UK

After the mean prank, the girls made a pact with each other: If either Naomi or Anahi were to win the title of homecoming queen, they would immediately give the crown to Lilly. They coordinated with the school principal who told Lilly he wanted her to help him out and take photos of the nominees.

The girls were thrilled when Anahi was crowned homecoming queen on the night of the event. Right after the announcement, the M.C. said that the school wanted to honor one of their most hard-working seniors: Lillian Skinner. Anahi called Lilly over and put the crown on her head, declaring in front of the entire school that Lilly was the real winner of the Homecoming Queen title, after which everyone in attendance began cheering and applauding. Shedding tears of happiness, Lilly couldn’t believe what was happening, thinking this must’ve been a dream (or another prank.) Principal Lorimer Arendse reported of the experience, that it was the greatest moment he’s ever had in his teaching career.

These ladies really know the true definition of friendship.

best friends hugging
Image via Youtube

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