Japanese Photographer Captures “Ninja” Cats In Hilariously Agile Poses.

Like many artists, photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has been exploring new techniques and subjects while stuck at home.

Using high-speed photography methods, Hisakata has been capturing cats at their most lithe and beautiful in a series of photographs he calls “Ninja Cats.”

Hisakata entices his subjects with feather toys to get them to leap into the air to display impressive levels of athleticism and agility. He later digitally removes the toys from the images, making it look like the cats are channeling their inner martial artists. The resulting images are aesthetically interesting and fun while also creating a lovely homage to the feline form.

1. The ninja cats have helped increase Hisakata’s social media following since he started sharing the images.

2. He’s now got over 36,000 Instagram followers hanging on his every ninja move.

3. Hisakata uses slower shutter speeds to capture every fleeting moment.

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4. The cats often appear to be flying through the air or standing up on their hind legs like humans.

5. It takes a keen eye to snap the shutter at exactly the right moment.

6. Thanks to his efforts, ninja cats look like they’re in the middle of an intense and fierce karate battle.

7. Hisakata sometimes takes dramatic pictures in shadow with the sun setting in the background.

8. Our favorites are the images that show the cats mid-air like they’re actors in “The Matrix.”

9. Cats love to play, so getting them interested in the toys is a breeze. Looks like they’re having a blast!

10. Ninja cats may look cute, but we wouldn’t tangle with them.

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What a creative and unique way to capture the majesty of your average house cat! Hisakata Hiroyuki has really tapped into an art form that many people will enjoy.

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