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Hilariously Chaotic Bouquet Toss Does Not Go As Planned When Kid Takes Off Running

bridal party bouquet toss

Wedding bouquet tosses are some of the silliest (and most competitive) parts of a wedding. But this toss went particularly sideways when a little boy got ahold of the flowers!

In this funny clip, you can see a toss being made to a group of folks, featuring a couple of young ones. Snuck in the back, a little boy stood waiting to make his move. And when the flowers made their way to him — it was time to activate his plan.

This little dude took off running.

He ran fast, followed by a posse of women who wanted to win the wedding bouquet toss (or maybe just didn’t want a little boy armed with flowers).

As he ran, he weaved and dodged through different speedy ladies looking to grab the flowers. In fact, he even got one to fall over in pursuit!

bouquet toss
This image is from TikTok.

Once he’d had his fun, he passed the bouquet off to a grown-up and appeared to be pretty satisfied with himself. What more could you want from a wedding bouquet toss?

He just wanted to bring the drama!

“There’s my little man. Took off with the bouquet and came straight to me. Forever an Auntie Nat’s boy,” commented the recipient of the flowers. What a lucky Auntie!


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And of course, the photographer got some amazing pictures of the moment. These dramatic, intense, and hilarious wedding bouquet toss pics should definitely be hung up.

It’s like a modern-day Renaissance painting!

family running around
This image is from TikTok.

Weddings are all about spending special time with loved ones. While I doubt this bride planned on having her toss go this way, I’m sure she’s still chuckling at the memory.

And I hope that little dude has more than a few years before he winds up married!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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