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Hikers Lose Their Memory When Lightning Strikes Twice On Yosemite Summit.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a large mountainside from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park; someone is standing on the cliffside. The second photo shows a view of someone looking up as they pause while heading back down Half Dome. Two people are above them with one recording them back on their phone.

Yosemite National Park is known to give hikers some of the most majestic views, with Half Dome being one of the most well-known paths. Here, folks can take on the challenge of trekking 8,836 feet. For the last 400 feet, hikers are assisted by two metal cables. Truly, this path is a sight to behold. But when six friends chose to take on Half Dome on September 21, they found themselves in a nearly deadly situation.

Once the group made it to the summit a little after noon, a storm approached. Lightning began to strike the rocks around them, sending all six of them to take cover in a cave. While safer here, two strikes of lightning still managed to hit two of the hikers — one was struck in the head while the other got hit in the back of the leg.

Both of them fell unconscious, with one of them requiring CPR. Once they woke up, they couldn’t remember who they were or where they were at. Thankfully, this memory loss was temporary. In fact, they had their memories back by the time the group was able to safely make it back down the summit.

Now, all six of them are safe and back at home. It goes to show that in times of stressful ordeals, it’s always great to have friends and loved ones by your side!

Learn more about the harrowing journey of these six friends in the video below.

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