Hiker Finds Woman Hanging Off Cliff’s Edge, GoPro Captures Daring Rescue.

A hiker helped save a woman's life on the trail.

A peaceful nature hike along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon quickly turned into a heroic struggle to save a stranger’s life! Taylor Root was filming his picturesque surroundings with a GoPro when he discovered a woman in distress. Her mom had slipped off the edge of a steep cliff, where she was now desperately clinging to her daughter in order to avoid plummeting downward. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t able to pull her mother up to safety on her own.


Taylor immediately stepped in to help the other hikers. He got down next to the daughter, and, between the two of them, they were able to haul the mom back up onto solid ground. Thankfully, both women were alright, though fairly shaken. They were incredibly thankful to Taylor for stopping to lend a hand!

Watch the video below to see footage of the rescue.


Taylor Root thought it was going to be a regular hike as he filmed scenics at Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Then he heard a woman calling for help. 😱 #hikingrescue #heroes #rescue #hikingheroes #trailrescue #gopro #goodsamaritan #goodnews

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