High School Choir Gathers In Hotel Pool, Then Belt Song That Leaves Other Guests Speechless.

Spontaneous moments like this add so much magic to the world! These high schoolers were hanging out in a hotel pool when they suddenly broke into an enchanting musical performance. The video took my breath away!  I’m sure the other guests were all wondering what could have caused the sudden, unexpected recital. It turns out, the kids in this video belong to the Stillwater Concert Choir.


The choir had stopped– while on tour– in Ames, Iowa, and the students were all enjoying some time relaxing in the pool when they noticed the acoustics in the room were perfect for a song. The song was F. Melius Christiansen’s “O Day Full of Grace,” and the melody captured the attention of the whole hotel. I would have loved to have been a guest there!


The other guests never would have guessed that this ordinary-looking group could be so extraordinarily talented. It was truly a beautiful performance that had everyone smiling! Other students– who had opted to relax in their rooms instead of  at the pool– heard the singing and came out to join the choir mid-song. The camera pans up from the pool to the balcony where other singers appear. It gave me chills!

Watch the full video below!

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