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Lightning Strikes 2 Young Girls, Then Family Dog Races Back To Find Their Parents.

On Friday, two young girls– ages 8 and 16– were out exploring while on a family trip when they were suddenly struck by lightning.

They two girls are from Payson, Utah and Springville, Utah and were camping in a secluded part of the Beaver County area for a family reunion.

They separated from the family and set off on an ATV to explore. That’s when a lightning bolt hit the 8-year-old in the head, traveling through her into the 16-year-old. Both fell unconscious.


That’s when their dog– who the girls had brought along– ran back to camp to get help.

The dog alerted the family and even led them to the unconscious girls. According to a press release from the family, a kind stranger beat them to the girls and “rendered aid” while they waited for help to arrive.


In a stroke of good luck, Bret Hutchings, a helicopter pilot with the Utah Department of Public Safety happened to be nearby carrying out research work with a team of biologists. He heard the distress cry and airlifted the girls to the hospital.

The older girl suffered serious injuries but is stable. The young girl is in critical condition but has been steadily improving.


If it weren’t for a dog, a kind stranger, and a selfless pilot, these girls wouldn’t be alive today!

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