Dog “Begs” Rescuers To Save Her Puppies From Drainage Pipe In Freezing Cold.

Nobody knew exactly how long Hera and her puppies had been living in a drainage pipe. But one thing was certain: If they didn’t get help soon, they’d succumb to the cold.

Fortunately, they didn’t go unnoticed! Locals spotted Hera popping in and out of the snowy entrance as people passed by. It was like she knew someone would eventually stop and help — and they did!

hera emerges from pip

In January, a group from Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia received a call from a concerned stranger and drove out to save the day.

Almost immediately, Hera ran out to greet them. She was unafraid and surprisingly friendly as her stunning blue eyes told them what she couldn’t. Her puppies needed their help.

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hera with rescuer

Her three scared babies weren’t as trusting. The pups stayed put where the rescuers couldn’t reach them, so they had to get creative.

First, they tried putting Hera back in the pipe, hoping the little ones would follow her out. When that didn’t work, they dropped food at the entrance. The puppies were still too frightened to budge, and night was coming soon.

puppies in pipe

After making sure Hera was safe in their van, they tried a different approach. One man crouched down on the far side of the pipe, while another used a stick to gently push the puppies out.

Not long after, all three were safe in their rescuer’s arms!

rescuers pull out puppies

When Hera was reunited with her puppies, she looked up at the men and seemed to speak with her eyes once again: “Thank you for saving my babies.” Clearly, she put her trust in the right people!

hera and her puppies

Now, all four are safe and sound at the shelter — and are ready to find their forever homes!

hera thanks rescuer

What a loving mama! She made sure her babies got the help they needed, even though they were in a tricky situation.

Watch her find help in the video below, and share this story to thank animal rescuers everywhere.

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