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Heartbroken Parents Find Beautiful Way To Remember Baby After Miscarriage

A two-photo collage. The first shows a married couple smiling as they pose outside. The second image shows two men working to build something. There's wood on a table and next to them on the ground.

Struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss can feel isolating. That’s why Jordan Swain is sharing her and her husband’s story — to raise awareness of what it’s like to go through a miscarriage. Their story starts in 2018. The couple had just gotten married, but they were eager to start their family right away. To ensure she was as healthy as possible, Jordan lost weight.

Still, four years passed, and Jordan could not get pregnant. That’s when the couple started their IV journey. If you’ve ever done so yourself, you understand just how taxing it can be mentally, physically, and financially.

Jordan and her husband smile, arms around one another, as they take a photo in a mirror at a store.

“We will save up the money for it,” Jordan recalls them deciding. “We’ll both eat healthy and take the right supplements in the meantime.”

Despite all of the difficulties, including the shots that Jordan’s husband had to administer, every moment was worth it for them. In fact, the couple chose to go ahead and purchase a onesie for their future little one.

Top-down view of a onesie with little suns on them. The onesie is from Old Navy and is for a 0-3 month old.

“I even got a little hope purchase,” she recalls. “I was feeling optimistic about everything.”

With 18 eggs retrieved, things were looking up for the couple! Then, they finally got the news they had been waiting for: Jordan was pregnant! Nausea and morning sickness were an immediate struggle, but she notes that “it was worth it.”

A hand holds a petri dish with a tiny silver bow, like one on a present, on top. Text on the image reads: Their "first crib."

“I got little announcement onesies to tell our family you were finally joining us,” Jordan writes in a video on their story. “And let me tell you, everyone was SO happy for us. Everyone cried. They couldn’t wait to meet you. Everyone told us we were going to be the best parents.”

Couple Promotes Miscarriage Awareness With Their Story

But at eight weeks along, things took a turn for the worst. Jordan had a miscarriage. To say they were devastated would be an understatement. Thankfully, Jordan and her husband weren’t alone. Their family rallied together to honor their little one’s memory.

A garden with four different boxes. One reads "Lee's Garden."

First, they built a garden. Next, they created beautiful paintings with poppy flowers in them — that would have been their baby’s birth month.

“Daddy and I visit the garden every week together, and I know you are with us when we’re there,” Jordan writes, adding, “… we know you will send us one of your siblings one day soon. We miss you everyday baby girl. Until we meet again.”

Five women smile as they pose with their paintings at Painting With a Twist. Each shows a lake, mountains, and the moon. At the base of the lake are poppies.

Couple Honors Late Little One, Inspiring Others

In being so open and honest about their journey with infertility, IVF, and pregnancy loss, Jordan is helping others like her feel less along in their struggles. She’s also inspiring others to find their own ways to honor little ones they, too, have lost.

Jordan's husband waters the plants inside one of the garden boxes. The box reads "Lee's Garden"

“Things are much better these days, but there are still moments here and there where I just cry,” Jordan admits. “Infertility is the single worst thing I have ever walked through. Add a miscarriage onto the pile, and it feels like a nightmare. But we know we will get out rainbow one day.”

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