He Lost His Favorite Childhood Toy 18 Yrs Ago — His Sister Just Found It Again.

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When you were a kid, were you especially fond of one toy in particular? For me, I can remember a few toys throughout my childhood that I had a special bond with, many of which I would take with me when I went out with my parents. Of course, when kids do this, they risk losing their precious toy — that’s exactly what happened to Sarah Dunn’s brother.

As luck would have it, Sarah managed to come across the exact kind of toy that he loved so much in an antique mall. With his 22nd birthday coming up, could she have found a more fitting gift for him? Needless to say, she had to buy it.

A young man looks slightly up and smiles as he reaches into a gift bag. Text on the screen shows what he's saying: What do we have here...

Other text on the screen reads:

I found my brothers long lost favorite childhood toy at an antique mall and gave it back to him for his 22nd birthday.

When it came time for him to open his gift, Sarah captured the moment on camera. Nothing beats the moment he lays eyes on the toy he thought he’d never see again. Once he was able to get past the shock of what he was holding, it was clear just how much this meant to him.

“Isle 47 at Walmart… of June 2005, I lost him,” he said, holding on tightly to his beloved toy. “I will never lose you again.”

Find out what lost childhood toy Sarah returned to her brother in the delightful video below.

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