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Happy Tears: Students Stun Teacher With Thoughtful Customized Present.

Teacher Ms. Pow covers her mouth with her hand, holding back tears and she opens a gift from her students who are standing nearby and watching.

There are countless teachers who, despite their hard work, don’t get the recognition they deserve for the impact they leave on the kids in their care. Students of Ms. Pow must recognize this, prompting them to find a way to show their appreciation for this kind teacher. But what do you do for someone who has made such a positive difference in your life? For this teacher, it’s a customized present, and it all has to do with her love for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It would have been easy for the students to get her some memorabilia — and she no doubt would have loved it. But they chose to take things up a notch, choosing instead to get her a custom jersey with her own name on it. A student captured the moment they presented their teacher with the gift.

A teacher called Ms. Pow holds a card in her hand. Two of her students can be seen next to her, watching. Both have a hand over their mouth. One looks nervous and the other looks like they're getting emotional.

In the video, we see that Ms. Pow is already emotional. She hasn’t opened her gift yet — she’s simply touched by the fact that they would give her a gift at all. With the encouragement of her students, she moves to the front of the classroom so everyone can see her reaction.

Teacher Gets Emotional Over Present From Students

Along with the gift is a heartfelt letter. Ms. Pow starts to read it but can’t quite get through it. Finally, she begins to open the present — and the screams of joy begin!

“I love it!” she exclaims before jumping up and down, prompting her students to jump, too.

I have a feeling this is a Christmas that Ms. Pow, and her students, will never forget!

Watch this beloved teacher get the gift of a custom jersey in the wholesome video below.

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