Couple Refused To Give Up On Tiny Preemie Kitten And Now She’s Living Her Best Life.

Upon hearing the news that his sister’s cat unexpectedly had kittens, Taylor and his girlfriend Jennifer rushed over to meet the precious new babies. When they arrived, they realized they had been born prematurely because they were incredibly tiny.


The smallest of the bunch was a female they decided to name Hank. She weighed only 2 ounces and wasn’t looking good because her mom wasn’t feeding her. Moved by her predicament, Jennifer and Taylor took her home and made it their mission to keep her alive and healthy!

The two humans made sure they could care for Hank around the clock. They brought her everywhere they went, fed her every two hours (even through the night), and kept her warm at all times. They knew if her body temperature dropped too low or something else went wrong, the sweet kitten might not survive.

Thanks to Jennifer and Taylor’s constant love and attention, Hank made it through those scary early days! Now, she’s a silly, adorable baby who is thriving and discovering her best life!

In addition to walking around like the cutest animal that has ever lived, Hank loves to play with her big brother, a husky pup, and her big sister, a black cat named Poppy.

The once-fragile kitten can definitely hold her own with her siblings and never backs down from a play fight!

Not to mention, she’s adored by her parents, who truly think of her like their baby. It’s no wonder, especially after all those late-night feedings!

Play fights aside, Hank is a true warrior! Not only did she survive despite all the odds stacked against her, but she is also finding happiness with her wonderful forever family!

Watch the video below to see her in action, and bring the cuteness to your friends by sharing this story.

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