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Dog Flips Out When Dad Brings Favorite “Gumby” Toy To Life & It’s Too Darn Cute.


It turns out that little kids aren’t the only ones who secretly wish their toys were alive! As one viral video proves, dogs can form a similar bond with their favorite toys — and the outcome can be downright adorable!

When a pair of owners decided to play a cute Halloween prank on a Golden Retriever named Jolene, they weren’t sure what they were in for.

The video begins with Jolene happily playing with her Gumby toy.

jolene playing

But then her Dad, dressed as a life-size version of the doll, enters the room.

owner disguised

Jolene stands up cautiously, immediately recognizing the gigantic version of her toy, but is initially unsure of what to make of it.

jolene unsure

But once she figures out that the toy is friendly, her excitement takes over.

jolene happy

“Jolene she’s real!” Mom exclaims as the happy dog practically tackles the disguised over.

The other dog comes over to investigate the commotion, but happy Jolene is clearly the star of the show. She is overwhelmed with doggy joy that her favorite toy is “real” and can actually play with her.

dog playing

We can only hope they kept the costume and maybe stuffed it. Especially since there may be no way Jolene goes back to the old toy after seeing the “real life” version.

See Jolene’s adorable reaction in the video below. If you love happy dog videos, please share this story!

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