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Guitarist’s Acoustic Take On Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” Is Surprisingly Soothing

Kent Nishimura looks down as he plays "Man in the Mirror" on his acoustic guitar.

There are some folks so talented, it seems like they were born with supernatural abilities. On the contrary, people like Kent Nishimura work tirelessly to perfect their craft. In Kent’s case, that looks like hours spent playing the guitar. You can find him cover all sorts of popular songs on YouTube, but his most popular just might be Man in the Mirror, which he plays on acoustic guitar.

At only 21 years old, Kent has already released four solo albums and, at the time of writing this, he’s touring with Canadian guitarist Don Ross. His years of experience comes through brilliantly in this cover of one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs.

Mind-Blowing Musician Plays Man in the Mirror on Acoustic Guitar

Even if you’re the biggest fan of this song, you’ve never heard it quite like this before. That’s because Kent has the magical ability to transform the music he plays into something that both calms and stirs the soul.

There are no lyrics in Kent’s version, but he conveys all the emotion he needs through the music he creates. Or, as one person describes it in the comment section of the video, “it’s like he’s singing the song with the guitar.”

Kent Nishimura looks down as he plays "Man in the Mirror" on his acoustic guitar.

Kent’s ability to transform a popular song into something entirely new is breathtaking. It’s no wonder he’s garnered such an appreciative following online.

“With only your ten fingers you managed to produce the sound of a whole band, and a very good one too,” another person shares in their comment. “Thank you very much for this moment of grace.”

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