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Guinea Pig Gets Front Row Seat To “Clair De Lune” & Her Reaction Is Beyond Precious

A guinea pig rests on a towel placed on a piano as she watches her human play.

With so many types of music in the world to enjoy, it’s no wonder we each have our own unique taste. But did you know that the same can be said for our animal friends? If you’ve ever had a pet, you may have already noticed this. Just like humans, there are certain sounds that our pets love… or hate. One pianist’s guinea pig, Dindin, is quite fond of the music her human plays on the piano.

Dindin enjoys her music so much, in fact, that her social media accounts are full of adorable videos proving just that. In them, this adorable guinea pig can be seen lounging on a soft towel that’s been placed on the piano. Dindin’s human is careful to be extra gentle when playing. This way, the tiny creature can enjoy her front row seat without being disturbed. In turn, Dindin is lulled into a tranquil state that seems oh-so peaceful.

@dindin.inparis 🎵Debussy:clair de lune🌛 I really enjoy playing music for Dindin, she completely relaxes and lies down when she heard this music of Debussy #guineapigsoftiktok #guineapigs #fyp #tiktok #piano #pianotutorial #pianocover #love #foryou ♬ 原聲 – Dindin

In the video above, Dindin enjoys Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy. It’s safe to say that this guinea pig is quite fond of classical music. If you know anything about guinea pigs, this probably makes sense. These adorable creatures tend to be sensitive to sounds. So, it makes sense that they gravitate toward tunes that are soft and airy.

Sweet Guinea Pig Adores When Her Human Plays the Piano

While Dindin enjoys the concerts her mom puts on for her, countess people around the world are admiring her while she does it!

“Idk why but seeing how your guinea pig lay down so peacefully made me burst into tears,” someone in the comments shares. “My guinea pig also loved music and would sleep to it.”

“Oh to be a guinea pig whose owner plays music for [them],” another says.

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