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Grumpy Tiger Transforms Into A Giant Kitten When His Human Mom Pays Him A Visit.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a white tiger behind a fence. He is growling as a woman takes her hand away from the fence. Another woman holds her hand up to him and is closer, appearing to calm him down. The second photo shows the same woman in the other photo who was calming down the white tiger. She is now brushing the tiger through the fence. The tiger is sitting and is totally calm.

Some folks simply aren’t morning people — and this sentiment doesn’t just apply to humans. Take Eros the white tiger, for example. TikTok account Tigres et Lions en Normandie shared a video proving just that. According to the bio for this account, they “take care of lions and tigers born in captivity.”

For most of Eros’ life, he was taken care of by a woman named Brigitte. The two of them have a special bond that can’t be replicated. Even though a new person, Catherine, has been his zookeeper for years now, he’s still not fond of her in the morning when it’s time to clean his enclosure. That’s why they decided to bring in Brigitte, hoping his human mom could convince him to give Catherine a chance.

“Why are you so angry like that?” Brigitte said as she approached him. “What’s wrong, dear? But Catherine is nice!”

As soon as Eros spotted Mom, he transformed into a giant kitten, happy to get brushed through the fence between them. They tired to have Catherine pet him in-between the moments that Brigitte did… with minimal success. Still, it seems that they’re making progress!

Watch this wholesome interaction between Eros, Brigitte, and Catherine in the video below.

@caressedetigre Eros the white tiger is angry ! #tiger #lion #whitetiger #bigcat #caressedetigre ♬ son original – Tigres et Lions en Normandie

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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