Groom Secretly Learns Korean As Wedding Day Surprise.

A two-photo collage. The first shows an older man and woman, who are well dressed, smiling. The man is standing and the woman is sitting at a table. The second photo shows a groom speaking into a mic, looking nervous.

When a new relationship begins, it’s common to worry whether or not you’ll get the approval of your significant other’s parents. This was certainly the case for Ben Carpenter. Soon after he began seeing Sohee, she shared that in Korean culture, dating a foreigner is sometimes frowned upon. This made Ben concerned that her family wouldn’t accept him — but those fears vanished by how quickly they welcomed him with open arms.


It’s no wonder, then, that by the time Ben and Sohee became engaged, he wanted to find a special way to honor their Korean culture. He joked around about adding a few words of Korean into his wedding speech but was stunned when he realized just how difficult learning the language would be. Still, he became determined to learn — and he did so without telling his soon-to-be bride or her family.

A bride sits next to someone in her bridal party at a table. The bride has her mouth agape as she looks at someone we can't see in the photo.

“Thanks to all of you, we’ve made it this far,” Ben said, speaking in Korean. “I’m thankful you’ve accepted me as a new member of the family, and I promise to love and take care of Sohee forever.”

There didn’t seem to be a dry eye in the house as Ben showed off what he had been working on for a whole year. As soon as he was done, and the wedding guests began to cheer, Sohee’s parents immediately hurried over to their son-in-law for a heartfelt hug. Such a beautiful moment!

Watch this sweet groom speak Korean during his wedding speech in the heartwarming video below.

@yourpositivenews Groom reveals he was secretly sneaking off for 30 minute video calls for nearly a year to learn Korean and surprise his wife and her family, that is love! 👏❤️ Via @Ben Carpenter @Sohee Carpenter #marriage #married #wedding #love ♬ Solas X Interstellar – Gabriel Albuquerqüe

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