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Grief Journey & Recovery: Woman Makes Unique Keepsakes From Lost Loved Ones’ Clothing.

A blue memory bear made from a deceased sister's sweater.

One woman is helping bereaved friends and family members through their grief by creating “memory bears” in honor of the deceased. Her name is Victoria, and her business is called Everlasting Stitch. While she makes a variety of custom products, one of her more popular options involves turning a loved one’s clothing into an adorable stuffed animal. On TikTok, Victoria shares some of her clients’ unique requests. She’s made memory bears out of everything from button-down shirts to baby blankets!

In one of her Everlasting Stitch videos, Victoria demonstrated how she turned a blue sweater from her customer’s late sister into a beautiful plushie keepsake. She even incorporated the collar and zipper from the article of clothing into the memory bear. Commenters loved the incredibly creative and meaningful finished product!

A blue memory bear made from a deceased sister's sweater.
Screengrab from TikTok


Another video shows Victoria using the same ingenious design to incorporate button-down shirts with collars into her memory bears. The dapper stuffed animals were just too cute!

It’s incredible to see someone like Victoria at Everlasting Stitch using her talents to help people struggling through loss. We’re hoping that her cute memory bears bring comfort to those grieving their loved ones.

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