Grandpa Spotted Eating Alone In Restaurant Gets Best Reaction From Fellow Patrons.

an old man sitting at a restaurant table by himself while a waitress is standing and taking his order.

We all try to do the right thing in our daily lives, even when the situation makes us feel awkward or uncomfortable.


The ABC News show “What Would You Do” creates social experiments in public to see how people react to ethical or moral issues they encounter when they’re least expecting it. In the video below, the team set the stage at the Miss America diner in Jersey City, New Jersey, planting an actor called Stu who told the waitress (also an actress) that his longtime friend would not be joining him because his friend passed away. People at neighboring booths can’t help but overhear Stu’s sad story – but how will they react?

The answer may surprise you. Nearly everyone within ear shot offered Stu words of advice, sympathy, and encouragement. One woman invited him to a senior activity center, and another got right up to give him a hug!

“You only pass through the world once, so you make it good and do what you can,” she told Stu. “Then when you go, you leave such wonderful memories for the people you leave behind.”

All of these strangers made sure to tell Stu he isn’t alone in his grief, which is so sweet!

Watch the video of the experiment below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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