Grandpa Passed Away And Left A Single Pillow, The Message He Wrote On It Is So Powerful.

Losing a loved one is perhaps the most difficult trial we face in this life. But when the person who held, listened and loved you is gone, the times you shared keep their memory alive. Nothing can make the death of a loved one easier, but moments like this remind us that we are never left alone.

Instead of a large inheritance or a handwritten note, this grandpa did something incredibly sweet -if not a little unorthodox- for the beloved family he left behind. grandfather-shirt-memory-cushion-pillow-fabratastic-1__880


The note reads, “This is shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know that I am there. -Love Grandad.”

This thoughtful grandpa had his favorite shirt made into a pillow to help remind his family that though he is gone, his memory and legacy live on.

I hope this unconventional memorial brought a smile to your face. Give someone you love a big hug today!

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