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Grandma Poses For Hilarious “Boudoir” Photoshoot For Husband & His Reaction Is Priceless.

Boudoir photos have gained a lot of popularity over the years. These photo shoots are typically a gift a wife gives her husband – oftentimes as a wedding, anniversary, or valentines gift.

Photographer Samantha Bishop has years of experience with photoshoots – including boudoir. Still, when her mom asked her for a “Grandma’s Gone Wild” photo shoot, it threw her for a (hilarious) loop.

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

Samantha’s mom, Linda, wanted to surprise her husband with photos for Christmas. Linda asked her daughter to take the photos but had one condition for the shoot: they had to be taken with her in a bathtub full of yarn. Obviously, Linda knows who she is and what her husband likes.

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

The pictures came out amazing, and Samantha had a great time taking them. The mom and daughter duo came up with some pretty hilarious and creative ideas for the shoot – which even included grandma-classic hard candy.

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

Samantha loved the project so much, she even made sure to capture her dad’s reaction when he received the unique (and awesome) gift from his sweet wife. The photographer said that his “schoolboy reaction” made the entire experience “1000x better”.

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

Samantha’s social media following loved the series as much as she did. Many fans left comments on her creativity and talent while several others pointed out just how cute her parents are after all these years!

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

In fact, fans loved the photos so much they requested an official “Grandma’s Gone Wild” calendar! Not ones to disappoint, Linda and Samantha delivered and created volume one available for sale on Etsy.

Roaming Magnolias Photography By Samantha Bishop

We can only hope all marriages find creative and fun ways like this to keep the spark alive – and that they share their ideas on social media for the rest of us to enjoy!

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