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Grandma Rescues Delivery Driver When He Can’t Stay On His Feet In The Dangerous Heat.

A woman with a cane places a hand on the shoulder of a delivery driver who is sitting in the driveway of her home. Both of their faces have been blurred out to conceal their identities.

It’s a record-breaking summer with temperatures rising to dangerous levels. That means it’s all-the-more important to stay cool whenever spending an extended amount of time outside. Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done, especially under certain work conditons. When this man delivering Amazon packages arrived at an elderly woman’s home, he found himself barely able to stand.

As much as he tried, he couldn’t remain standing in the 110-degree heat. Instead, he clumsily brought himself onto the ground, no doubt hoping that a bit of a break would help. But by the time the woman came outside, it was clear he was much worse off than he thought. Without hesitation, the kind woman rushed back inside so she could help.

She started by giving him a cold glass of water. When that didn’t seem to be enough, she brought out a cold watermelon. Finally, she was able to give him a cold towel to lower his body temperature. A video captured this moment and, by the end, his demeanor makes it clear just how much her kind actions helped him. In fact, she very well may have saved his life.

Watch this kind woman come to this delivery driver’s rescue in the video below.

We need more people like this lady
by u/Dunkableballs in MadeMeSmile

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