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Photos Of 89-Yr-Old Russian Grandma Exploring Vietnam Go Viral, Delight Travelers Everywhere.

A young Russian woman named Ekaterina Papina was recently traveling in Vietnam when she saw something so unusual, it shocked and amazed her more than any of Vietnam’s incredible sights. What Ekaterina saw was an 89-year-old woman who appeared to be traveling the world by herself!

That woman is named Elena Mikhailovna, but she goes by “Baba Lena” (“Gradnma Lena” in English). Papina was stunned to learn that Baba Lena had traveled all the way to Vietnam from Krasnoyarsk, Russia by herself. So she sat with Baba Lena to learn more about her story.

She shared that tale, and the following photos, in a Facebook status, translated to English below:


Friends, I want you to meet an amazing person. Recently, I was vacationing in Vietnam, and my second day there I heard someone speaking Russian. There was an old grandma sitting at a table near me who was trying to explain to a waiter that she didn’t want spicy food. The grandma was with a younger woman, and I thought they were a mother and daughter on vacation together. How great! It’s not often you see elderly people on vacations unfortunately…


I decided to go up to meet them and help translate English… And you know what? They weren’t family! Just two people on vacation! Baba Lena (as she had me call her) flew in alone! All by herself! From Krasnoyarsk to Vietnam! At 89!!!!!


Papina’s post goes on to descibe Baba Lena’s background. She was born in 1927, married a military man, and raised a daughter and– now– two grandchildren. Today, she lives alone, so at 83 years old she decided to travel the world!


Papina describes Baba Lena as an “interesting conversationalist, and just a positive person!”

Her story has inspired so many people… the status has been shared over 14,000 times!


Baba Lena is proving to the world that you’re never too old for adventure!

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