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Granddaughter Cooks Up The Perfect Pregnancy Reveal & Grandma Eats It Up!

A grandma looks excited over a pot of something cooking on the stove.

After taking a pregnancy test, this young woman decided to reveal the big news to her grandma in the most creative way! Her plan involved a pot of macaroni and cheese and a dash of family history. Just as she suspected, Grandma knew what was going on almost immediately! Mom-to-be Olivia Ross posted an adorable video of the special moment on social media.

It turns out that, many years ago, Grandma had been able to guess when her own daughter was pregnant, no reveal necessary. The young woman had been cooking a pot of macaroni and cheese, and her mom could tell just by looking at her face that she had a little one on the way! That was how she’d found out that Olivia’s mom was pregnant with her.


I had to see if she would intuitively know I was pregnant when I was making mac & cheese just as she knew with my mom 💛 #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancyreveal #greatgrandma

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So, when this granddaughter thought she might be pregnant, she decided to put Grandma’s skills to the test before doing an official reveal. While the other woman was sitting in the living room for a visit, Olivia went into the kitchen and started cooking. Her grandmother was suspicious right away.

“You look so like, kind of like excited or something,” Grandma said from the other room. “I think you are, and that’s the same face your mother had.”

She concluded, “You’re pregnant!”

Grandma didn’t need a pregnancy reveal; she already knew!

A grandma looks excited over a pot of something cooking on the stove.
Screengrab from TikTok

It wasn’t until she stepped into the kitchen and found her granddaughter making macaroni and cheese that she was 100% sure. Finally, Olivia revealed to her grandma that she suspected she might be pregnant. Unfortunately, because the test was very faint, she wasn’t entirely convinced. Her grandmother, on the other hand, insisted that the young woman must be pregnant.

“I think it’s a baby,” she said.

Grandma promised not to tell anyone about the possible pregnancy until Olivia was ready to reveal the news herself. Before she could do that, though, she had to take another test. In a follow-up video, the mom-to-be shared the results of a more conclusive digital test. Sure enough, she was pregnant!


Replying to @Marin8it As if grandma’s intuition wasn’t confirmation enough 😭🩵🥹 #ttc #pregnancytest #pregnanttok

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“As if Grandma’s intuition wasn’t confirmation enough,” Olivia wrote in her caption.

Isn’t it incredible that this grandmother was able to tell just by looking at her granddaughter? What a beautiful moment this must have been for them both!

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