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Graduate Finds Sweetest Way To Lift Up Friend Who Couldn’t Walk Across The Stage

A high school graduate hugging her best friend.

One graduate decided to share her special day with her best friend by giving her a turn to wear the cap and gown. Since the other young woman had received her GED instead of completing high school, she didn’t get a ceremony to celebrate her success. Her bestie, Rahaf, wouldn’t have that! So, she placed her cap on her friend’s head and draped the gown over her shoulders.

You could tell in Rahaf’s adorable video that her friend was not expecting the graduate to give her the academic cap! In fact, she seemed perfectly happy to make this day all about her BFF. When Rahaf started putting the blue robes on her, the young woman was totally overcome with emotion.

“One of my best friends got her GED but no ceremony, she deserved this as much as I did,” wrote the high school grad in her social media post.

So many commenters were moved by this demonstration of friendship! This beautiful moment was especially meaningful to people who didn’t have a high school graduation, either.

“As someone that didn’t graduate that’s so kind,” wrote one user.

Another added, “As someone who got their GED and had no ceremony, thank you.”

What does it mean to earn your GED?

GED stands for General Education Development. It’s a test that people can take instead of earning their high school diploma. Divided into four categories (language arts, math, social studies, and science), the exam takes about seven hours to complete! According to the GED website, passing this test proves “that you have the same knowledge as a traditional high school graduate.”

If someone is unable to finish high school, earning their GED is an excellent way to open doors for the future. Most higher learning institutions and many employers recognize the test as a valid substitution for a high school diploma.

A high school graduate hugging her best friend.
Screengrab from TikTok

Although her friend didn’t finish all four years of school, Rahaf was right in saying that she deserved to celebrate her success. Earning your GED takes a lot of dedication and effort! It’s so sweet that this graduate decided to give her bestie the opportunity to wear the traditional cap and gown.

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