19 Stunning Rose-Shaped Succulents Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Succulents are a hardy bunch, known mainly for their ability to withstand drought conditions. They’re so low maintenance, they can thrive even under utter neglect, which makes them great plants for anyone who lacks a green thumb.


The aloe plant is probably the most well known succulent, renowned for its ability to heal cuts and rashes and soothe sunburns, while others make up for a lack of any particular usefulness by just being pretty to look at.

The succulents below are particularly stunning as they closely resemble either rosebuds or roses in full bloom. (Okay, some of them could also be mistaken for artichokes.) Either way, they’re certainly stunning! Check out the unique and magical succulents below.

1. Greenovia Dodrentalis.

2. White desert rose.

3. Simply gorgeous.

4. Perforata.

5. Little gem.

6. Breathtaking!

7. Lime And Chili Echeveria.

8. Echeveria Liliciana.

9. Echeveria Black Prince.

10. How about a whole bouquet?

11. Echeveria Rainbow.

12. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

13. Echeveria Peacockii.

14. Chroma.

15. Cereus Hildmannianus.

16. Blue Elf.

17. Aeonium Kiwi.

18. Aeonium Arboretum Sunburst.

19. Truly beautiful.

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