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From Stomach Aches To Anxiety, There’s Nothing This Game-Changing Patch Can’t Soothe!

AnxiousRelief patches applied to the navel

Throughout the centuries, people have sought help from holistic healers and relied on ancient Eastern techniques passed down by generations of caregivers. Many people still believe that the cure to most human ailments can be found in nature.

As an integrative health practitioner, Nicole Burdock has spent her life studying biology, Eastern medicine, ayurvedic, and naturopathic medicine. She cares deeply about helping people feel better using nature’s remedies, so she created a line of medicine-free patches to soothe a variety of common maladies – the first of their kind!

All varieties of GoPatch: Motion Sickness, AnxiousRelief, Dizziness, Tummy, Hangover, and Menstrual Cramps

“I created GoPatch because I care,”Nicole said. “I care about how we treat our bodies. I care about having choices. GoPatch was created with care to provide side-effect free choices, so you can get back to being you and feel more ease in your body. Our mission is to provide products that deliver relief with no side-effects, so that you have the freedom to enjoy what you love to do.â€

GoPatch products alleviate symptoms from an upset stomach to anxiety, and they’re so gentle even children and the elderly can use them. Patches are applied directly to the skin over the navel, an area of the body that plays an important role in Chinese medicine. Once applied, users say they experience pleasant, side-effect free relief almost immediately!

GoPatch patch applied to the navel

Former police officer Gina Raulston of Chattanooga, Tennessee is all too familiar with anxiety. When she was on the force, she learned to suppress her anxiety for years, fearing she’d be seen as weak or unable to do her job. Feeling increasingly isolated, she left police work and took a job in prison system health care, but those anxious feelings still lingered.

“I changed careers and my position is very demanding and requires me to speak to a lot of people sometimes in a public meeting setting,”Gina shared. “My anxiety returned and I was waking up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath. There was no reason for my anxieties at all.â€

Gina Raulston holding GoPatch Anxiety Relief packet

Gina admits she was skeptical about trying GoPatch at first. She’d tried other treatments, including prescription anxiety medications, but nothing had done the trick. She was shocked when she tried GoPatch AnxietyRelief – and it worked!

“I placed that patch over my navel and within 5 minutes I felt such calmness I hadn’t experienced before with anything else,”Gina said. “It’s a game-changer. I use it whenever I need it and I’m not putting chemicals in my body.â€


Gina isn’t the only one blown away by the results. Bruce Hale of Dallas, Texas can also speak to the incredible relief GoPatch provides.

“Though I don’t often have anxiety attacks, when they do happen the episodes can be quite intense. Intense enough to cause nausea, and sometimes even vertigo. I usually end up having to isolate myself in a dark or dimly lit room for the remainder of the day to reduce any visual stimuli. Except when I used the GoPatch. Shortly after applying the GoPatch, the symptoms abated and I had a general sense of euphoria and well-being wash over me. They were so effective that I had no need whatsoever to remain separated from others or to hide myself away. In a very short amount of time, I was able to be in bright open spaces, productive again, and was actually eager to interact with others. That is something that had never happened before! Now I keep a stash of GoPatch at home, at work, and even a few of these little gems tucked away in my wallet.”

GoPatch Motion Sickness and Dizziness Relief

Heather Gallagher of Petaluma, California also had a great experience with GoPatch. She says the Menstrual Relief patches kick in and offer solace just minutes after she applies them. Her daughter Athena also tried GoPatch for her motion sickness, and now she can ride in the car without suffering.

“Athena used to get car sick so bad we had to pull over multiple times on a drive to let her walk around and breathe,”Heather explained. “One day Athena was going to take a school bus on a field trip to San Francisco so I placed a patch on her before school. When she got back from the field trip I asked her how the ride was. She was jumping up and down saying she got to sit in the back of the bus and play rag doll with the other kids, and she wasn’t sick on the ride all day.â€

GoPatch Anxiety Relief packet held by woman sitting in ocean

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