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Goldfish Puts On Olivia Rodrigo Masked Singer Performance That’ll Have Your Heart Pumping!

masked singer goldfish

There seems to already be a clear front-runner for The Masked Singer, even though we’re still hours away from the Season premiere.

The hit FOX competition airs tonight (March 6), and fans love the singer who is masked as a goldfish. One of her performances dropped on YouTube on Monday, and people can’t stop talking about how flawless it was.

The goldfish took the stage in her glittering orange and pink evening gown and sang Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who realized her romance was built on the lies of a heartless man who was using her and “sucking her dry” until she finally caught on to his charade.

The audience was drawn into the show the second she sang her first note, and the judges were on their feet gasping in disbelief.

“The Masked Singer” Fans Think They Know The Goldfish’s Identity

The Masked Singer performed the song with charm and personality that has people guessing she’s either a Broadway Singer, a cinematic musical singer, or both. As of now, fans on social media are naming two specific people who could be behind the goldfish.

The Goldfish singing "Vampire" by Olivia Rodrigo

The second most named person is Kristin Chenoweth. The 55-year-old Tony and Emmy winner has sang on stage and film for decades. But the most common guess is Vanessa Hudgens, who is famous for High School Musical.

“So excited to watch this!” someone raved under the YouTube video. “I know I’ve heard that voice before…which isn’t really helping because I’ve heard both Kristen Chenoweth and Vanessa Hudgens before. But I’m leaning more toward Kristen because that didn’t really sound like Vanessa in the beginning.”

“Definitely Vanessa Hudgens. Her tone sounds different? But her vocal inflections and vowels gave it away,” another guessed.

The goldfish on The Masked Singer

“It definitely sounds like Vanessa Hudgens trying to disguise her voice,” another certain fan wrote.

A few of the other notable guesses included Idina Menzel and Renée Zellweger.

You can follow the Goldfish and take your best guess by watching The Masked Singer every Wednesday on Fox at 8 PM CT.

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