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Golden Retriever Loves Carrying Groceries For His Parents — They Tip Him In Treats!

A golden retriever learned to carry grocery bags.

We work hard to give our pets the life they deserve, and usually all we ask in return is love. However, one golden retriever is going that extra mile to please his parents. 3-year-old Boone from Florida has gone viral online for helping his owners carry their groceries from the car into the house. Yvonne Hayes, the proud dog mom, posted a video of her dog’s sweet gesture on TikTok that gathered over 2 million views!

“He has always been curious or wants to be involved in anything I’m doing,” Yvonne told Newsweek. “When I would get home with groceries, he always wanted to take them to carry them. So I started handing them to him and he would follow me into the kitchen and would trade him a treat for the bag.”

Boone’s carrying abilities aren’t just limited to groceries, though. In another adorable clip, Yvonne gave her dog a variety of objects in different shapes and sizes, all of which he happily carried off.

“His whole demeanor changes and he develops this proud little prance,” Yvonne said. “He loves retrieving.”


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Although Boone is always eager to please, Yvonne did have to teach him a thing or two before he could reliably carry her bags.

“It didn’t start off successfully,” she recalled. “We had a lot of practice.”

She added that the pooch has a variety of interests, which include making new friends.

“He LOVES people, if you make eye contact with him, it’s over. He’s wiggling and ready to say hi,” she said. “He is such a mama’s boy. He loves going on walks, hunting for lizards, and carrying anything and everything.”

Another video shows the dog carrying his owner’s bag up a flight of stairs for her. TikTok users are more than impressed by how Boone helps out with the chores!

“The first Golden retriever I’ve seen actually retrieving and not being retrieved,” one commenter joked.

Watch the video below to see Boone’s skills in action!

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