Gold Medalist Seriously Injured His Opponent. But What He Did Next Is The Finest Show Of Sportsmanship.

Stsiapan Papou is an incredible martial arts fighter from Belarus… and he also encompasses the definition of good sportsmanship. 

During the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, Papou was to go against another great wrestler, Amil Gasimov. While the match was filled with spirit and and desire to win, Popou’s endurance and strength ultimately caused his opponent to tap out… but “Unfortunately the stoppage was too late to prevent the injury and Gasimov remained lying on the canvas in visible pain,” according to DOUBLE K.O.

But rather than bathe in his victory, Papou headed back to the middle of the mat and hoisted Gasimov upon his shoulders, carrying him away to the locker, followed by the trainers… and everyone in the audience responded with hearty cheering.

“That’s what often happens in sambo: athletes don’t want to give up, they try to stand the pain until the referee stops the bout. So my opponent didn’t want to tap despite all pain and he got injured. I think that the thing I did is a sign of respect. I used to be in that kind of situation, so I didn’t have any doubts whether to help him or not. If sambo athletes want to compete in the Olympics, they need to be an example of respectful attitude”, Papou said after the finals.

That sort of respect and self-control is an incredibly admirable trait that reminds us humility is really the best.

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