Woman Goes From Fruit Seller To Star Conductor After Winning 2020 Orchestra Prize.

Gladysmarli Del Valle Vadel Marcano has been passionate about music since she was 4 years old. Growing up in Venezuela, she studied musical theory, participated in children’s choirs, mastered the violin, and joined an orchestra — all by the time she was 9! Basically, she was a prodigy.

Her love of music only grew as she got older, so to afford her education, she began selling fruit through her family’s business in Yaracuy. It was through that job and donations from her community that she was able to participate in La Maestra’s prestigious competition in Paris this year.

After spending six years as a violinist in the Yaracuy Symphony Orchestra and the Yaracuyana Youth Orchestra, Gladysmarli became interested in conducting.

In 2013, she began studying the subject and has since worked under several renowned conductors. They helped her master her skills while she continued to work and attend regular classes. By 2018, she was named director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra at the Simón Bolívar Conservatory.

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Nowadays, she is conducting and playing the violin for a variety of orchestras. Plus, she’s furthering her musical education at Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes and studying law at Universidad Central de Venezuela.


Despite her full plate, when she heard about La Maestra, an academy that hosts a prestigious competition for female conductors, she knew she wanted to participate.

Through community donations, she was able to travel to Paris to compete. It’s no surprise that she crushed her competition and took home the 2020 Orchestra Prize. Clearly, there’s no stopping this determined musician!

At 25 years old, Gladysmarli has accomplished so much, and it’s just the beginning for the talented individual. As she continues to learn from successful conductors, her mastery will only grow, and it won’t be long before little girls want to be just like her when they grow up!

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