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Girl’s Eyes Go Wide Hearing Her Own Voice For The Very First Time.

A little girl is surprised to hear her own voice.

Some moments only happen once in a lifetime, and this little girl’s reaction to hearing her own voice is one of them. A touching video has been shared to Reddit that captures a deaf girl trying out her new cochlear implants. The wide-eyed expression on her face after hearing herself say, “Woo!” is absolutely priceless. As she continues experimenting with her own voice and making different sounds, it’s clear that her whole world has changed. It’s truly moving to see a girl look so happy!

According to the NIH, a cochlear implant isn’t the same thing as a hearing aid. Rather than making sounds louder, these devices actually send signals directly to the brain. Being able to interpret these signals takes practice and therapy, but studies have shown that the earlier a child starts, the better.

Watch the video below to see this little girl embark on a new chapter of her life!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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