70-Yr-Old Beggar Frightened Girl Alone In Mall, But His Simple Request Touches Her Heart.

The story of a kind-hearted young woman’s chance encounter with a homeless man at a Filipino mall is touching hearts around the world.

It all started when Faith Ares visited the food court at a mall in Cebu. Ares said she was deciding what to eat when 70-year-old Jansen Locsin approached. Ares was initially afraid of the homeless man, but he didn’t ask for money; instead, he asked Ares if she’d be willing to purchase a meal for him.

When Ares heard his simple request, something in her changed. She told Locsin to find them a seat, soon joining him with two fried chicken meals.


As they ate, Locsin told her he had graduated with a degree in economics from a Filipino university and had previously worked as a university professor. He’d come to Cebu for a business venture that ultimately failed and left him penniless, but he hoped to one day rejoin his family in Bacolod, an island in the Philippines west of Cebu.


The two finished their meal, and before parting ways, Ares gave him some bottled water and the equivalent of $2. Locsin, surprised by a stranger’s unexpected kindness, was left teary-eyed. “He didn’t expect that I would eat with him, talk with him just like an ordinary person and (help) him in little ways,” Ares wrote.


Ares’s post about the encounter has since been shared more than 3,000 times and received more than 1,000 comments, including offers of assistance.

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