Delivery Driver Dashes Into Oncoming Traffic To Save Runaway Toddler.

delivery driver holding little boy whose face is blurred out of picture

After a long day at work, Gerson Tavares was reminded that one simple choice can change your entire life… and the lives of others.

As a food delivery driver, Gerson can accept or decline food requests on his phone. It was getting late, but he chose to go ahead and do one last order. Little did he know, that choice would lead him to saving a child’s life.

As Gerson was driving down the busy Burbank Boulevard in California, something caught his eye in the darkness. Looking closer, he spotted a toddler walking in the middle of the street just a few feet in front of his car.

Without hesitation, the dad of four parked right where he was and bolted toward the child.

“I run more and more,” Gerson said. “I know if I got out of the lane the drivers don’t see the boy. The boy is little, little.”

In hindsight, Gerson said he was so distracted that he didn’t even realize he was running into oncoming traffic. Luckily, he thought to wave his arms around to make sure other drivers could see where he was.

“When the drivers stopped, I’m like, OK. I grabbed the boy in my arms, thank you God,” Gerson said.

Traffic came to a halt, and he was able to get the 2-year-old safely off the road. Fittingly, they ended up right in front of a church.

The Los Angeles Police Department was able to locate the child’s guardians, and he’s now back at home where he belongs. We can’t imagine how thankful his family is that Gerson was brave enough to save their little boy!

Despite his heroic act, Gerson doesn’t view it that way. “I’m not the hero,” he said. “God is the hero.”

No matter how Gerson views it, his son, Igor Tavares, couldn’t be prouder.

“And for me, what makes me more proud of him was how quick he acted, with like fast reaction. Just the way I expect my dad to be,” Igor said. “You know. My hero. I love this guy.”

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