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Dad Tosses Giggling Son Onto Bed, Then Gives Jealous German Shepherd A Turn.

german shepherd plays bed game

Dogs love to be a part of a pack; whether that pack is comprised of humans or dogs doesn’t seem to matter one bit.

In Samantha Kendricks’ household in Tennessee, their German shepherd Wade is definitely a full-fledged member of their pack. He loves to play with Samantha’s three kids, and he really seems to take his role of surrogate sibling very seriously.


Samantha often captures cute pictures of her kids playing with Wade, but recently she shared a video on her Facebook page that has everyone who sees it giggling. The video shows Samantha’s husband playing with their son Blaize… and their other son, Wade.

In a game that lots of dads have probably played with their kids before, Samantha’s husband lifts Blaize up in the air and then launches him onto the nearby bed. Blaize is laughing his head off the entire time.


Do you happen to notice who else is interested in playing the flying game? Yep, there’s Wade at dad’s feet, eagerly awaiting his own turn in the air!

Now, this dad is clearly in very good physical shape to be able to lift a child up over his head like this, but when he indicates to Wade that the dog should jump up onto his chest we have to wonder if that’s wise. Fear not, however! Dad’s got this.

As Blaize laughs and claps his dad hefts the 85-pound dog up and sends him flying onto the bed, just like his “brother!” The dog seems to have enjoyed it just as much as Blaize did, and as dad sets up to do it all over again (and again, and again… if we know kids), Wade gets back in line for a second turn.

After Samantha shared the video it went viral with more than 2 million views. “My house stays pretty crazy, but we have our moments,” Samantha commented. Looks like a lot of fun to us!


We’re sure that Wade would agree! He seems like a very well-trained and adjusted dog who adores being with his family. If more people took the time to incorporate their pets into their daily lives, the world would be a much more joyful place.

Watch Wade and Blaize “flying” in the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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