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Beloved German Sheperd Dies Taking Lightening Strike For His Owner, Reminds Us Of The Bond Of Love.

It’s tough to put into words how exactly “man’s best friend”got the title. Heroic pups like Lassie and Balto are some of the most dynamic examples of our four-legged friends, but every house dog has a bit of hero in them.

The day Jonathan Hartman and his friends went out hiking on Mt. Bierstadt seemed like any other. Jonathan and his german shepherd Rambo were making their way down from the peak when disaster struck.

When Jonathan woke up a few minutes later, the situation slowly became clear. A lightning strike had entered Jonathan’s body through his head and thrown him and his friends several feet away.

A quick look around showed Jonathan that something was wrong. He saw a friend sling Rambo over his shoulder and realized that his best buddy was gone.

Rambo had taken the primary force of the strike.

If Rambo had not been right next to his owner, the electrical charge would have killed Jonathan as well.  The story reminds us to immediately be thankful for our loved ones and to spend precious time with them today.

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