Blogger Explains Why He Can’t Stand These 7 Birds And We’re Cracking Up.

We all have our pet peeves. Some of them are even actually pets.

A blogger named Gaudy offered up a hot take on birds that, for one reason or another, they find really annoying. “Why are birds so cursed?” he pondered on Tumblr before launching into a brief list of unusual bird species he simply can’t stand.


We took a look at Gaudy’s “comprehensive list of birds” that really annoy him and we’ve got some thoughts of our own.

Birds are pretty cool, for starters, and the birds featured on Gaudy’s list are all totally unique and exotic. Not everyone loves birds, though, and these definitely aren’t the sort of birds you’ll see at your backyard bird feeder.

1. Dracula Parrot

The list started off with a pretty regular-looking bird. Not sure why Gaudy has such a problem with this guy, but if we had to guess it’s because this Frankenstein monster of a bird seems to have a parrot’s body combined with a crow’s head. His body says he wants a cracker, but his head is saying road kill will do just fine.

2. King Vulture

Gaudy says he “resents” this bird, but we love that bug-eyed glint in its eye! This bird is so colorful we’re surprised he hasn’t been featured on a cereal box yet, except maybe kids don’t want to look at vultures while they’re eating? Either way, we love that technicolor waddle he’s got going on.

3. Jacana Bird

Okay, the blogger might have a point on this one. Don’t get us wrong; the body of this bird is perfectly fine. Cute, even. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN ITS AWFUL SPIDER FEET?! It’s like Edward Scissorhands or the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. Oh, the nightmares!


4. The Shoebill


Umm… okay. So he’s got a boot for a face and a really angry expression. Sure, he looks a little bit scary, but no big deal, right? Well, what if we told you that these birds can measure up to 4.5 feet tall and have a habit of standing statue-still in the background without being noticed? Creeped out yet? We are.

5. Tragopan


Gaudy says this bird reminds him of “Star Wars,” and we don’t disagree. The difference is… we like “Star Wars!” This bird looks like he just wandered out of the Mos Eisley cantina and is ready to join the rebel alliance.

6. The Secretary Bird

Not going to lie: we are pretty much in love with this bird. The attitude! The strut! Is this what it feels like when you find your spirit animal?

Gaudy doesn’t like this bird because she’s “wearing yoga pants,” but what’s wrong with that? She looks incredible and she is rocking those pantaloons! She’s also got eyelashes for days. We’d like to sit down and get some beauty tips from this fancy feathered lady.

7. This “one specific parakeet”


So he’s a little bit “extra.” You do you, extravagantly-fluffy parakeet! Looking like every other bird is boring.

While Gaudy concluded their list by admitting, “these birds exist to haunt me and this knowledge is a burden,” we’re actually pretty glad to have “met” these unique bird friends. It takes all kind to make the world a beautiful (and hilarious) place!

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