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Man Startled When Gas Pump Dares Him To Do Karaoke, Then Bursts Into Hilarious Song.

Back in the days when Jay Leno hosted the “Tonight Show,” a recurring prank became a favorite of viewers across the country; it was called “Pumpcast News.”

During a “Pumpcast News” segment, actor Tim Stack would play a news anchor who would try to get unsuspecting customers at gas stations to sing. The bit always started with Tim’s face appearing on a screen in a gas station. What followed was always sure to be hilarious, but one couple– Will and Monifa– went down in history as the greatest “Pumpcast News” participants ever!

In the video below, Will steps up to a gas pump to gas up his car when he’s startled by a voice. He’s stunned to realize the “news anchor” on screen is talking to him, but when Tim Stack asks Will to sing, Will doesn’t back away from the challenge and quickly picks Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.”


Will’s wonderful voice impresses Tim, but it’s his personality that has everyone cracking up!

“Do you need the words?” asks Stack.

“No, I know ’em, baby!” says Will.


Just as it seems the skit couldn’t get any more hilarious, Will’s wife– Monifa– hops out of the car in a fit of laughter; she can barely believe what’s going on!

“That my wife,” says Will. “Want me to get her? Nah, I’ll just leave her in there.”


The next thing anyone knows, Monifa bursts into song herself! She even has her own “dance break” while Will sings backup. Talk about relationship goals!

The hilarious video launched Will and Monifa into internet fame. And it’s easy to see why!

Check out the hilarious couple below and share to spread some laughter today!

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