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Man Buys Crib From Mom Who Lost Her Baby, 1 Week Later Returns With Heart-Wrenching Surprise.

When Gerald Kumpula spotted a brand-new crib at a garage sale, he had no idea of its sad history. He purchased it thinking it’d be a great project for his newest hobby: turning old headboards into benches.

But, while making the purchase, Gerald did pick up on the seller’s reluctance to part with it. And when he found out why, he immediately decided to give the crib back, but with some modifications.


On the ride back home from the garage sale, Gerald’s wife told him about the conversation she’d had with the crib’s original owner, Valarie Watts. As she looked through her son’s baby clothes, Gerald’s wife told him, she noticed the crib and asked how old Valarie’s son was. Valarie replied that he’d passed away the previous summer.


The Cokato, Minnesota couple had eagerly awaited the arrival of their son, gathering together all the items they’d need for the newborn, including the crib. But just a week before he was due, Watts noticed the once-active baby had suddenly stopped moving; the umbilical cord had become pinched, and their son was stillborn in July.

he crib and other baby items the Kumpulas spotted at the garage sale that day had been meant for him.

When he learned the tragic story behind the crib, Gerald set to work in his own garage, then returned to the Watts’ home the following week having turned the crib into a large chair.


Valerie said the sight of the crib– transformed into something beautiful thanks to a complete stranger– brought her to tears. “It’s amazing,” she said. “There’s good people out there. There’s proof.”

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