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14-Yr-Old Leads Irish Choir In Breathtaking Gaelic Cover Of Adele’s “Hello.”

The Irish language (known as Gaelic in the United States and some other countries outside of Ireland), is one of the most beautiful and historic languages in the world.

While only a small minority of Irish people still speak Irish as a first language, it still holds the titles of national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland, 5 to 10% of the population actively speaks the Irish language, and it is recognized as an official minority language.

Considering how few people exclusively speak Irish, it’s definitely not the most practical language to learn. That being said, Irish is still taught in many schools as many Irish people see it as a symbol of national pride and identity. No one wants to see the gorgeous language die out.

Students from Coláiste Lurgan in Galway certainly aren’t going to let that happen.


These students frequently cover pop hits in Irish, keeping their national language alive and promoting it in a fun, modern way. In the video below, the group covers Adele’s “Hello” in a stunning music video led by Shannon Bryan who– shockingly– is only 14 years old!


Complete with choir and dancers, this video will have you hearing “Hello” in an entirely new way.


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