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Katy Perry’s Jaw Literally Dropped During 17-Yr-Old’s Emotional Duet.

If you’re a country music fan, then you’ve probably heard Sugarland’s powerful ballad called “Stay.”

The song follows a woman navigating an unfaithful relationship with her partner and ultimately coming out stronger and more independent on the other side of it. Recently, Sugarland vocalist Jennifer Nettles headed over to the “American Idol” studio to team up with contestant Gabby Barrett to perform a powerful rendition of the track.


Like any song, “Stay” can leave listeners with all sorts of interpretations. The main idea is that sometimes when things are bad, those trying times make us stronger.

It’s something that Gabby identifies with on an extremely personal level. While she was rehearsing with Nettles, she sat down with the singer to explain why the song means so much to her.


“In 2009,” she said, “stuff kind of fell apart for me and my dad. The economy kind of took a dive for him and the money was just not there, and that was very painful to go through, so I can kind of relate to that pain.”

For the aspiring singer, the song isn’t about hardship in romantic relationships, but rather hardship in her home situation as her father struggled to keep the family afloat when the economy turned sour. It’s a story millions of Americans can identify with.


Sugarland’s front woman was clearly moved by Gabby’s story as she listened to her with tears in her eyes. “Use it,” she said, encouraging the contestant to harness that pain to drive the performance home.


When the two of them took to the stage and pulled off incredible harmonies, everyone in the audience was stunned. The looks on the judges’ faces said it all.


Watch the beautiful performance down below and share it with anyone who might be struggling through hard times right now. You never know who it could help!

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