28 Dog Snapchats Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

If you’re looking for a way to while away a rainy or snow-bound weekend, look no further than Snapchat. All you need is a camera and a complete goofball of a dog. Trust us, you’ll completely lose track of time. Some dogs are blessed with expressive faces, some people have a knack for good timing. Combine the two and you end up with some outrageous photos, but add captions and you've brought it to a whole new level. Behold, the 30 funniest dog Snapchats all rolled into one list for your viewing pleasure!

1. I'll take this as one of those hard life lessons.

2. Gives a whole new meaning to a "food coma."

3. Get back here!

4. If my butt fits, I sits.

5. Leaf blowers are so overrated.

6. Tah dah!!

7. Hahahaha! 

8. This smelled better.

9. Dog or polar bear?

10. Hold on, you've got something stuck in your teeth.

11. Hilarious!

12. Peek-a-boo!

13. Wanna play?

14. Silly puppy.

15. Paint me like one of your French girls.

16. But at least she looks really Zen about it.

17. Since you're already in there, I think it's bath time.

18. Derp.

19. Quick, flush it, flush it!

20. LOL!

21. Awwwww!

22. Revenge is sweet. Watch your back, kid.

23. The speed limit's 35!

24. In my next life, I'm coming back as a Tibetan Mastiff. And I'll dine on your Uggs.

25. Don't we all.

26. I swear, I thought I smelled a dog biscuit in there!

27. Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful.

28. Wait, w-what?

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